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Immigration has been our sole focus for over 20 years, and that focus has been rewarded with an unparalleled 98% success rate for our clients. Each case is unique, and we approach each situation with the dedication and passion it deserves. Our clients are talented people focused on impacting the world, and they deserve the same dedication to their cases that they give to their careers and lives.



Talented, approachable and thorough in her work

I have been working with Anu since last 5 years. She helped me with my with Visa extension and getting I-140. She works very closely with the clients and makes sure all the documentation is complete. ...You can easily reach out to her for any query. She is a very efficient attorney and knows her area very well. I always feel assured when she is handling my case. Anu is an amazing talented attorney and I am glad I am working with her. I highly recommend her for US immigration work.
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Smita Bhat

She can confidently manage complex immigration issues like what I had

Attorney Anu Gupta is a very knowledgeable, honest, helpful, approachable and supportive immigration lawyer. She can confidently manage complex immigration issues like what I had. I came to the United States on a J1 visa (exchange visitor) and was on it for 6 years. After which I had a work visa until I resigned from a job due to licensing issues. My plan is to get my license back, which apparently would require some time to process. I had my work visa changed to a tourist visa so I can stay in the US legally. ...But I needed more time to resolve my licensing issues. I then had to apply for a student visa- this idea is per suggestion of a relative. My previous immigration lawyer was not helpful at all in the change of status process. She did not even discuss options for me to lengthen my stay in the US. All she cared about was to charge me of every single minute that I spend talking to her in person or in the phone but nothing relevant was discussed. Then I spoke with another immigration lawyer who basically said that there is no way that the USCIS is going to approve my change of status to student visa. I was losing hope at that time and was on the verge of giving up. I was thinking of just going back to my home country to avoid the stress of dealing with the immigration issues. But then I found Attorney Anu Gupta. It may sound cliché but after talking to her I literally found a light at the end of the tunnel. She was very optimistic on my case. She answered all of my questions and she was very open to my suggestions. We explored all other options and chose the best route. She was the one who even took care of the RFE (request for evidence) for my tourist visa. Her attention to detail is highly commendable. She made sure that no loose ends are hanging on my case. The moment she reviewed my case, she knew exactly what to do. She had a different game plan for me. I was initially dubious with her recommendations and she acknowledged my feelings but she replied “You have to trust me on this. This is what we should do and I know exactly what the USCIS wants to approve your case”. So I adhered with her strategy and recommendation and low and behold, after a few months of waiting, my student visa got approved. I am currently working on getting my license back and I am looking forward to working with Attorney Gupta again to process my work visa.
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Jay Capitano

I received my green card yesterday in the mail

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the effort you have put towards my case. Though I was out of status, you gave me enough confidence so I could start the process to get back in status. ...The journey from out of status till I received my Permanent Residence status in hand was like a dream. You always answered my phone calls without any hesitation even after the business hours. I really appreciate your patience in explaining the process and helping me collect the required documents. It's my pleasure to recommend you as a very good and efficient immigration lawyer to my friends. I received my green card yesterday in the mail.
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Soujanya Atluri

One of the best immigration attorneys in the United States

I very strongly recommend our business immigration attorney, Anu Gupta. I believe Anu is one of the best immigration attorneys in the United States. ...She always finds the time to listen, which is rare in an attorney, and her advice is always practical keeping in mind that immigration for one employee is not an isolated process but affects us as a company on the long term basis. She likes making sure things progress smoothly but if a case gets stuck, she can be very persistent and persuasive. I don’t think she takes “no” for an answer when it is her case on the line – lucky for us! I have recommended Anu to several clients and friends. I will definitely recommend her again.
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Vijay Singh

An asset to her profession, I highly recommend her.

I am particularly impressed with her knowledge of the immigration law and attention to detail. Her personal attention and commitment to my case helped to expedite an otherwise lengthy process. I have consulted with Anu Gupta over the last year to help attain Permanent Resident status in the US. She is a highly qualified professional offering high quality service in this field. ...How I benefitted? I have received my green card within an year; a process that generally takes up to three years. She guided me to file my taxes at an early stage which helped to avoid an unnecessary delay. Her expert handling of a request for further inquiry in my case was particularly impressive. I highly recommend her professional services. She has excellent knowledge of all aspects related to immigration law and is an asset to her profession.
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Dharam Tayal

Definitely recommend and work with her in the future

Anu Gupta was very professional and candidly answered all my immigration related questions. ...I would definitely recommend and work with her in future.
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Mayur Soneta

Excellent immigration attorney in the Boston area – 5 stars

Attorney Gupta and her office assisted with an RFE response on my pending I485 application. ...She is very accessible, knowledgeable and thorough in how she approaches her case. Her staff is friendly and professional. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an immigration lawyer."
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Anand Sampath

Happy to have worked with Ms. Gupta

This time around, when I initially decided to change my visa status, I was of the opinion that this is something pretty straight forward. ...Speaking with Ms. Anu Gupta, she introduced me to the reality behind my immigration status and other details (USCIS based complexities) involved with it. Despite being on opposite coasts, the entire process was bereft of any miscommunication. Happy to have worked with Ms. Gupta.
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Harsha Radhakrishnan

We recommend her services to anybody who needs a knowledgeable lawyer

My fiance and I have used Anu Gupta's services to file an I-129F; the process was smooth and she was able to answer all of our questions. ...We are more than satisfied; there is no doubt that she is a professional; we recommend her services to anybody who needs a knowledgeable lawyer.
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Amina Gueye

A competent lawyer who could take on a complex green card NIW case

My wife and I very much appreciate that Ms. Gupta took care of all the routine parts of my green card application. Without her organizational skills my application would take at least twice as much time and effort. ...Anu is extremely competent to take on a NIW case. Despite the complexity of the process and her busyness, she always finds time personally address all the specific details of my case. I also appreciate how much she invests herself into our case and how she helped me to stay on schedule and kept me informed about every step of this complicated and convoluted process. My green card petition has been approved recently.
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Alexey Miroshnikov

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