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Professional, Knowledgeable and Easy to work with Immigration Desk

I worked with Anu and her team regarding an EAD issue that was going to affect my employment. From the beginning, Anu was able to understand the problem and provided excellent guidance and recommendations. She was able to work on filling the case very quickly on my behalf. She kept me in loop throughout the process. She explained every step of the process very well and was able to answer all the questions I had in a manner I can understand.


I would highly recommend her for any immigration related issues or questions.

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Professional, well organized, and passionate immigration services – Family Green Card approved

I worked with Ms. Anu Gupta at Immigration Desk to apply for permanent residence (green card) for my mother.  I am originally from India (naturalized as a US citizen), and I wanted my mother to get a green card so she can visit and stay with us more often.  Ms. Gupta was extremely professional and friendly throughout our application process. I always got diligent updates and follow-ups during our process, and she made sure to guide us through every step.


More importantly, she had a uniquely personal touch with our case, considering the emotional and legal complexities of applying for a green card as an older Indian citizen/parent (like my mother). She had multiple phone calls with my parents where she reassured them about many of their concerns, and talked about her own experience doing the same for her parents in the past.  Coming from an Indian background, I could not be more thankful that I worked with her.  She made sure to slowly and professionally explain all of the pitfalls and steps that we should be wary of and reassured them that it is possible to have two homes (such as when applying for a green card to stay with children abroad). Indian families have very unique concerns about various life stages and experiences, so I was very happy that I worked with an immigration lawyer who understood all those nuances.

It goes without saying that I will recommend her (and Immigration Desk's) services (especially to Indians), and I will also work with them in the future.

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Thanks IAN and ANU!! Happy to work with you guys for F1 visa

I am writing this with lot of happiness by seeing the approval document in my hand I'm really grateful to Anu and IAN for their support and patience in answering all my questions with their great knowledge.


Once again, Thank you so much!!

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Thank you Anu and Ian! EB-1B approved.

I'm really grateful to Anu and Ian for helping me file my EB1-B (outstanding researcher) petition. They have been amazing and very supportive throughout the process.


My I-140 got approved recently and I485 is pending which will be approved soon. This was my last hope to work in US and Anu and Ian made it possible with their guidance.

Once again thank you so much guys! You have the best team in Boston.

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P. Jain

Professional, well organized, and very responsive corporate immigration lawyers

I have known Attorney Anu Gupta for over 10 years now. I have personally used her for my own green card filling and also as an employer to file for many H1Bs and employment based green cards for our professional employees.


I cannot describe how well she and her team handled all our cases. Immigration Desk attorneys and their support team are extremely professional, well organized, and very responsive. Even with her busy schedule, Attorney Gupta reviewed all the cases and documents before filing petitions.

Attorney Gupta has offered some great solutions even in some difficult situations and successfully got visa approvals for our company. All of my personal friends and families have used Immigration Desk services. Attorney Gupta has guided me throughout my journey till I got my green card.

I am extremely thankful and grateful for her support. I highly recommend Attorney Gupta for any immigration-related services.

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Nitin A.

Professional, Proactive, Great With Complex Employment Based Immigration

Anu and her team have been handling all my employment- based immigration cases from the start.

Their professional, proactive approach has gone a long way in ensuring timely submissions of all documents, and negotiation of the complex paperwork involved.


Anu secured the L1A, L2 for the family, subsequent renewals and is also responsible for the Green card filing in the EB1C category as an international manager. It has been a pleasant experience working with Anu and I would highly recommend her services to anyone.

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Gurinderjit Singh Kehr

Knowledgeable, Diligent, and Professional Immigration Attorneys- H1Bs and EB2s

I have been working with Anu for the last six years for almost all my immigration needs.

Anu and her team are knowledgeable, diligent, and professional; she has helped me with my work visas, H-1B extensions and my employer-sponsored green card in EB-2 category. Anyone going through these processes knows how difficult, time-consuming, and complex these cases have gotten in recent years.


Anu was able to guide us through the process successfully (visas and green card all got approved) and answer all our questions during the lengthy processing. I would highly recommend Anu for any immigration work.

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Vishwambhar E.Kokare

I feel very fortunate to have connected with Immigration Desk: E3 Approved

I feel very fortunate to have connected with Immigration Desk in filing my E-3 visa petition.


First thing I need to mention about Anu Gupta is that she always answers all emails and questions within a few hours of consultation. Her team, including Attorney Meyer took up my E-3 visa case and provided very clear forms and instructions through email and their online case management system.

They guided me on uploading the documents and substituting documents when some of my documents were missing. All of this helped my case to get approved within a few weeks.

I definitely recommend consulting Anu Gupta to make the visa filing process easy and for it to be successful.

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Aswini K.

Immigration Desk – L1A for new company granted in 10 days (Oct 2022)

L1A granted October 2022 (decision time 10 days)

The people at Immigration Desk were great from the start, professional and organized. Starting with the consultation to advise me which visa type was right for the business I was looking to create in the US, they guided me on the best route and the pros and cons so that I could make an informed decision.


After deciding on the L1A route, it was clear what I needed to provide for my L1A petition. Everything was managed very professionally, and I was able to submit the petition as soon as the team at Immigration Desk has meticulously checked my documents and everything went as expected.

I received a minor RFE, which was expected since it was the first time my company had applied for a L1A. USCIS requested a minor clarification about my petition and Immigration Desk responded within 3 days. USCIS then issued the approval within 7 days. So once the documents were assembled it was very quick indeed.

I would definitely recommend them for the future and I know I will be needing them to move some of our employees in the near future.

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Imran Shafeque

NIW approved in 4.5 Months (no RFE)!

When I reached out to Anu earlier this year (2022), I had run out of almost all options to continue my employment in the US since both my work visas (H1 and L1) were getting maxed out and my employer did not sponsor my green card.


Attorney Gupta quickly assessed my profile and recommended self-filing in the EB2-NIW category (national interest waiver). Though it was not a straight-forward case, Attorneys Ian and Anu took the utmost care in building the case and made sure my case was supported well with all evidences in a short span of time that I had left on my visa.

Anu is very informative and quick in responding to any clarifications, questions or concerns. My case (no citations or publications) got approved within 4.5 months (no RFE).

I would recommend Anu Gupta and team to anyone with immigration challenges!

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Paulin Benjamin


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