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Healthcare Visas

Our extensive legal experience and ability to bring creative solutions to the table when our clients are in tough situations are the reasons why Immigration Desk has a sterling reputation and one of the highest visa approval rates consistently over the past 20 + years.

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Whether you are a healthcare facility urgently needing to fill your open positions, or a physician wishing to continue to work after your medical residency, we can help.

We are conversant with the extreme shortage of physicians in underserved areas and the inability of the hospitals in rural areas to fill this need. We know that state rules mandate a nurse- to-patient staffing ratio and understand the urgent need for Registered Nurses, LPNS, CNAs and therapists at larger hospitals, and also at private clinics, hospices and old-age homes. Foreign medical graduates (FMGs) complete residency and seek help in continuing to live and work in the US.

We have worked with all levels of health care facilities to fill shortages by filing visas for foreign workers and have also worked with medical residents to file for J-1 waivers by helping them get no-objection certificates from their home country, or by filing for IGA and hardship waivers.

As part of our services to the medical community, we have helped our clients seek alternative visas to onboard workers when they experienced the pain of restrictive state requirements and the sudden changes in immigration laws delayed their pipeline of workers by years.

Let us help you file visas to fill your immediate requirements, but as your partners, also strategize to achieve your long term hiring needs.

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Other Options To Immigrate

The above visas may not suit every situation. When one of these visas is not an option, you might be able to live, work, study or visit the US using a different route. Please use the links below to explore other options. The best route, of course, is to consult us to discuss how we can help.


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