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As your chosen growth partner, we listen to you carefully. We read laws endlessly. We know the legal theories and apply them to your real-world business problems. And we strategize continuously. All so that we can deliver effective legal solutions for you that are both cost-effective and fit your timeline. We get your visas approved. It is our privilege to help you grow.

All of us at Immigration Desk strive hard to help you focus on your company, with minimum disruption to your work-day. Built in our flat fee structure are several tasks that are designed to make your life easier – at no additional cost to you. We believe in exceeding your expectations, each and every time.

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Our Philosophy

We believe in adding value to your business by being efficient, cost-effective, and timely. We are nimble and will build the immigration process that suits your needs. We use top-of-the-line technologies to provide access to information when you need it. Our attorneys are always accessible to answer your questions.

First and foremost, we consider it our privilege to work for you. We believe that Immigration should be easy for our clients. It is our job to create a world-class experience for you. We always think of and implement methods to make your lives and jobs easier. Each step of our service is carefully thought out to deliver the best possible outcome for you.

We are:

  • Reliable.We are always there. With us, you have a team that will always deliver. Our team is spread out over 2 continents so we can during the work day, and at night- to meet your objectives. Besides our team of attorneys in the US, we have a full complement of over 50 trained immigration paralegals in our back office in India. Built by our seasoned attorneys, we have a curated system of checks and balances that we use to track each case, so each case gets the attention it needs, when it needs it.
  • Truly Experienced. We have over 2 decades of experience dedicated solely to the practice of US Immigration. As Immigration Attorneys, we have a proven track record of 99% plus visa approvals for over 20 years and a reputation for getting tough cases approved. Our attorneys and paralegals have backgrounds in business making us ideal to understand and represent your business. We understand the real-world challenges that you are facing as a business and know that you are spending the time and money to hire internationally because you cannot find the same talent locally. We understand how crucial each international hire is and that each affects your bottom line. This deep understanding of your industry and needs helps us craft convincing arguments to get cases approved faster, when the new hire is a critical resource, or your timeline for onboarding is tight.
  • Have the Personal Touch and have truly Customer-centric services. Immigration is personal to us. As immigrants, we understand that each visa is one person’s ability to work. We treat each case with the care and attention it deserves, whether you are hiring one person or a large team. Each incoming case is scrutinized by an attorney before being assigned to a paralegal team. Before we start, we discuss the timeline, strengths and weaknesses with you and help you resolve any expected problems so the rest of the process is smooth. We are proactive, rather than reactive. Our attorneys are always available to answer questions or discuss strategy. We aim to understand your strategic needs so we can deliver the right solution for you, each time. We believe that knowing your case so well is why our cases get approved, and the reason why we are referred so many cases that other attorneys have trouble getting approved.
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Our Approach

Because our entire office is designed to provide you with excellent service, we can customize immigration solutions to fit your needs that is cost effective, timely and always accessible.

  • Customized immigration solutions build for you. We work for you, not the other way around. Because we are a boutique firm, with a large, well-trained paralegal team, we can provide flexible solutions, but at the same time also have the bandwidth to process large volumes of petitions in a short period of time. We scale our services to suit your delivery needs and will help build a customized immigration program for you. This helps you focus on your work, without having to adapt to our systems. We believe in putting more time into your day.
  • Cost-effective. We understand that hiring foreign workers is expensive. So we have set up systems to make the process as cost-effective as possible. We do this by working as a team where each member specializes in a specific part of the process, and by using technologies to streamline the process. In this way, we can deliver error-free solutions, faster and cheaper to you. We believe in providing value for every dollar you spend.
  • Always accessible . We routinely update our technologies to have best-in-class technologies available to make your life easier. We use INSZoom, the # ranked case management system to manage our caseload. This helps us create a transparent process so you and your employees have access to every step of the process from your own homes and offices. At the same time, for your peace of mind, we have invested in the best servers and encryption technologies so that your data is always secure and private.

We use efficient time strategies to deliver best-in-class service to you at a reasonable cost.

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We bring workers, investors and families to the US, one visa at a time.


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