EB2-National Interest Waiver

Self Filed Green Card

EB2-National Interest Waiver

Immigration Desk helps enterprising professionals self-sponsor their own permanent residency by proving that their work will benefit a large number of people.

National Interest Waiver

Eligibility for EB2-NIW

A national interest waiver petition is a green card petition filed by foreign nationals for themselves. Unlike most other work-based green cards, an employer is not required to sponsor the foreign national. You must prove that:

  • Your work has substantial merit and is of national importance
  • You are well-placed to advance your work
  • It would be beneficial to the United States to have you file for yourself

In addition, you meet all the requirements of the EB-2 category. You must have either a master’s degrees or have exceptional professional abilities. Read the EB-2 criteria here

To read about detailed procedures and timeline, please visit the USCIS' page on the National Interest Waivers.

The Filing Process

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Benefits of the National Interest Waiver

National interest waivers are a very popular option for business people to self-file for their green cards. There are several benefits to filing for NIW petitions:

  • Self-sponsor: Foreign nationals can sponsor themselves. An employer is not needed to sponsor the green card.
  • No PERM needed: Usually, employment-based EB-2 green cards require 3 steps to be completed. When requesting a National Interest Waiver, however, you do not need to file for PERM (Step I). This makes the process much faster since the PERM can take well over a year to process.
  • Fast processing: In FY 2022, the USCIS also started permitting premium processing for NIW petitions. This means that if you choose to use the premium processing service, your petition will be reviewed in a few months instead of taking many months.
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Proving an NIW Case

NIW is a great alternative if you want to sponsor yourself, but your professional qualifications do not rise to the level of an EB-1 green card. The only downside is that national interest waiver request can only be made with an EB-2 petition. For nationals of countries like Mexico, India, China, and Philippines, it may still take years to obtain a green card.

Also, keep in mind that all the requirements for an EB-2 petition still have to be proven. Read here to learn more about EB-2 criteria.

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The Immigration Desk Solution

We have helped many clients fulfill their dream of US residency by helping them file National Interest Waiver petitions. When you come to us looking for options to help you live in the US permanently, we routinely discuss your professional qualifications for an EB-1 green card as well as for an EB-2 NIW petitions. If your employer cannot sponsor you or if you are self-employed, we may be able to help you file for a green card through the NIW. Part of our service includes discussing your job, how it impacts your local community and how it might impact the US as a whole.

We have helped many clients, such as, an entrepreneurial human resource client, IT and finance professionals, scientists and college lecturers file for NIW petitions. Our clients now live happy, successful lives following their dreams in the US.

Above, we have described some of the common considerations while filing for a NIW green card. As attorneys, we believe in helping our clients succeed. It is our privilege to help our clients re-located to the US.

Please contact us to discuss how we can make the national interest waiver process easy for you.

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