Senior Attorney Services

Senior Attorney Services

When the case is complicated and you are confused as to how to proceed, talk to our senior attorneys. Our team of seasoned attorneys will help resolve your case. We take the time to talk to you, so we fully understand your concerns. We know the laws and its nuances. And we will help craft winning arguments that will help you get the benefit you seek.



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How We Serve & Who We Serve

Request for Evidence

Cases with Inquiries and RFEs

Reach out to us when you need help. It is our privilege to work for you

  • PERM Audits and Appeals,
  • USCIS Request for Evidence,
  • Notice of Intent to Deny,
  • Motions to Reopen
  • Appeals; or
  • Consular 221(g)s
  • Any other issue that is complicating your case

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Employer Audits by the USCIS and Department of Labor

We aim to have our clients’ petitions never be questioned by the immigration service or the Department of Labor. We advise, audit and help maintain your records to ensure that all the laws and regulations are met. We let you know if any new regulation is about to become law so that you are prepared to make any changes needed to your internal policies.

At the same time, if you are audited by the Department of Labor, or the USCIS, or have a demand for an on-site inspection of your work place, our team will fully support you so that audit is over quickly and smoothly.

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Issues of Inadmissibility

Intersection of Criminality and Immigration

When you face a situation where the visa can be denied because the person being sponsored has illegal conduct on their record, the rules get complicated. The infraction is usually minor - maybe a speeding ticket, or shop lifting; or it could be much more serious -- drunk driving, domestic violence, selling drugs or other serious crimes involving violence or those considered morally wrong.

It could be that you overstayed a visa. Or that you worked without a proper work permit or work visa.

When faced with any criminal conduct, the case is looked at very seriously by the government. Even if you have the record expunged by the court, it is not really gone from your record, only from your work history. The government still has a record that they will review when you file for a visa or a green card.

When you are faced such a situation, reach out to us. Our attorneys have helped many clients facing these and similar situations still get the visa they want despite their records.

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Our attorneys have filed all levels of waivers to help remove the criminal or unauthorized behavior from your records and to get you the immigration benefit you are want. We help our clients file for both non-immigrant waivers so you can enter the US temporarily. We also help clients file for waivers so they can file for green cards.

  1. Petitions to remove Nonimmigrant and Immigrant waivers of inadmissibility;
  2. Waiver of criminal conduct
  3. Waiver of fraud or overstay

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