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Research & Academia

As a researcher or educator, you have dedicated your life to the pursuit of knowledge and success in your chosen field. We have done the same within professional immigration law.

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Our exceptional success rate at winning approvals on petitions filed, over decades of practice, attests to our focus and passion for immigration law. We are committed to helping our scientist-clients continue in your passion to innovate at the best labs in the world, whether it is to create efficient rocket fuel that makes a manned Mission Jupiter possible, the engine for the next line of electric vehicles or the drug that will make conquering cancer just a little bit closer.

If you are an educator, whether a college professor, visiting scholar from another university or a school teacher, we salute your patience and commitment to creating the best future citizens through education.

As your immigration partners, we are committed to serving you with the same dedication with which you live your professional lives. Whether your employer is sponsoring your work in the US, or whether you decide to file for your stay yourself, we would be honored if you would use our extensive knowledge and commitment to help you achieve your dream.

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Other Options To Immigrate

The above visas may not suit every situation. When one of these visas is not an option, you might be able to live, work, study or visit the US using a different route. Please use the links below to explore other options. The best route, of course, is to consult us to discuss how we can help.


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