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As your chosen growth partner, we listen to you carefully. We read laws endlessly. We know the legal theories and apply them to your real-world business problems. And we strategize continuously. All so that we can deliver effective legal solutions for you that are both cost-effective and fit your timeline. We get your visas approved. It is our privilege to help you grow.

All of us at Immigration Desk strive hard to help you focus on your company, with minimum disruption to your work-day. Built in our flat fee structure are several tasks that are designed to make your life easier – at no additional cost to you.

We believe in exceeding your expectations, each and every time.

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How We Serve & Who We Serve

Our Objective

When we represent your company, our objective is to make your short-term need to hire a foreign worker easy, with the ultimate aim of helping your company achieve its long-term vision for growth. We discuss your company’s background and immigration policies to help you design and help implement a long-term strategy for hiring and for retaining foreign workers.

We are immigration practitioners, but we are also your advisors. We consider ourselves your strategic partner whose purpose is to help your corporation grow and sustain. Our exceptional team of dedicated attorneys and business-minded paralegals is backed by top-of-the-line technologies to make the process of filing visas successful, seamless, and each step fully accessible to you and to your employees. Our overall goal is simple: to help you fulfill your long-term growth objectives by making it easy to grow your international workforce; and, while we create the strategy for this, to make your immediate international hiring processes smooth. We do this by making the process efficient, cost-effective, and easily managed. It is our job to create your immigration process so that it is without any high drama or delays and your new foreign hire is in the office, ready to work, on time, every time.

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Value Added Services

We consider ourselves strategic partners in your growth. One of the most important factors to grow is to be able to hire top talent. For some industries, this means hiring international candidates. As your partner, we help you create an efficient and cost-effective immigration process so you can not only hire the best, but also rest easy that you are meeting all the many laws and regulations that apply to work visas.

We guide and train your HR department to set up internal processes so you can self-monitor and ensure that you comply with all laws. We provide both one on one guidance to your Human Resource teams and also conduct online seminars and meetings so you are in control and can monitor compliance. When you need us to, we will also audit the processes to help you streamline them.

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Services For Employers
(Corporate Services)

We believe in empowering our clients. As your partners in the process, our team of attorneys provide the following services for our corporate clients:

  • We provide written and verbal guidance every step of the way, both to you and to your employees.
  • We review resumes before you make offers, both to suggest a competitive wage but also to help you pick the right international candidate.
  • We discuss hiring for the coming year and strategize timing to maximize number of hires and to make the process more efficient.
  • We offer one on one guidance to plan your year ahead, and to help you visualize your long term goal.
  • We make an attorney available to answer questions posed by future hires so they are more inclined to accept your job offer.
  • We also respond to factual RFEs without additional charge.

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Services For HR

Through decades of experience, we have devised to make you life easier:

  • Help you set up best practices for self-monitoring each visa.
  • Provide one-on-one guidance to plan your year ahead and to help visualize your long term goals.
  • Conduct internal audits to keep you on the right path.
  • Access to our immigration portal where you can access your cases 24x 7.
  • Our attorneys guide your HR teams on hiring STEMs and foreign students with work permits.
  • Our paralegals will liaison with your employees to get all relevant docs without disrupting your day.
  • We provide guidance on I-9s.
  • We help with internal I-9, LCA and H1 file audits so you are always on the right path.
  • We help set-up best practices for self-monitoring compliance issues.
  • We are always available by email and phone to answer HR questions on individual cases.

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Services For Employees

  • When your employees need it, we will issue letters to verify their status so they can obtain mortgages and drivers licenses.
  • We help employees file for change of address when case is pending.
  • We guide on how to obtain I-94 corrections.
  • Our attorneys are available to help your employees with visa issue when they must travel urgently.
  • Your employees can also reach us to help plan their immigration timelines so there are minimum disruptions to their career path and personal lives.

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Building the American workforce, one immigrant at a time.


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