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About Us

We are a team of committed professionals.

With over 15,000 corporate employers, investors, entrepreneurs and individuals advised on immigration matters, our immigration attorneys are deeply experienced, with extensive and varied backgrounds in work based, investment and family immigration law. In addition, our paralegals are a crucial supportive resource, each contributing a wide range of professional experience, often grounded in an MBA, that contributes to our successful outcomes for business and professional clients. We are truly passionate about immigration, we are deeply committed to global mobility, and above all, we believe in providing exceptional service to our clients.

WBENC Certified

At Immigration Desk, we have filed thousands of visa and green card petitions in the past 25 years, advising more than 15,000 individuals, entrepreneurs and corporate employers on immigration matters. Founded and led by Attorney Anu Gupta, a winner of several awards and recognitions, a life-long MENSA member and the author of more than a 100 published legal articles, we at Immigration Desk firmly believe that attorneys should be known solely for their exceptional skill and their dedication to their clients.

Spread out over multiple countries, our teams of attorneys and paralegals embody the spirit of immigration. Most of us are immigrants and have lived the same journey that you are on. We firmly believe in helping you achieve your immigration aims. At Immigration Desk, we believe in providing excellent in-person service, so you may be surprised upon calling our office to be connected directly to one of our attorneys for a few minutes of advice before the call is routed. Due to this level of commitment to our clients, and our continuous striving for excellence, Immigration Desk has a sterling reputation and one of the highest visa approval rates.

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Our unparalleled immigration experience.

Our Founder. Anu Gupta founded Immigration Desk in 1999 after moving to Silicon Valley from New York, focusing her efforts solely on immigration services. Her practice grew with her immensely popular immigration advice column in the India Post, one of the highest circulation Indian newspapers in the United States. She wrote the legal column as a free community service for people with immigration questions. When time permitted, she also wrote similar guest columns for several other publications. She then collaborated with Rediff.com (ThinkIndia), one of India’s largest search engine/portal, to design its immigration channel. Her popular immigration Q&A section on Rediff/ThinkIndia’s immigration channel received well over 100,000 hits each week.

Our Work. Started in Silicon Valley during the tech boom in 1999, the Immigration Desk team has continued to help US businesses plan their immigrant workforce and grow US businesses through immigration. We know that the ability to attract and retain foreign workers can affect an employer’s profit margin, and we understand the time constraints and financial costs. We understand the pressures employers face when work visa quotas run out and employees are needed urgently.

Just as we understand the frustrations of entrepreneurs and skilled individuals when their futures are put on hold by complicated immigration regulations and delays.

To help our clients, Immigration Desk attorneys have honed our skill in creating workable immigration solutions so employers can hire and retain skilled workers through timely filed and cost-effective work visas and PERM/ non-Perm immigration filings. We help our clients who are highly talented individuals stay in control of their temporary and permanent residency by developing effective strategies to self-file their visas and green cards when filing through their employers is not an option; and we help our clients who are foreign companies & individuals expand to the US market through several different investment-based visas.

Our team has a deep appreciation of your business and personal goals. We understand that visa numbers are limited and winning approval on every single visa counts, so we file excellent petitions and when needed, vigorously defend every petition – Our record speaks for itself – Immigration Desk has been winning approval on over 99% of the petitions filed in the past 25 years.

Based on our problem-solving skills, our ability to offer creative solutions and our inability to accept “no” when it is our case, Immigration Desk has built a reputation of being a highly regarded immigration adviser to US business owners, new entrants into the US markets and talented individuals.

We have clients in all 50 states in the US and often also represent companies and individuals worldwide.

Our Team. Over the years, Immigration Desk has expanded our legal teams to include offices in the US, India and Canada. While our front office acts as the main point of contact for our increasing global clientele, our highly experienced back office teams – now with over 50 skilled team members and counting - enable us to provide best in class service to our clients by providing quick turn-around on filings, and lower legal fees.

Immigration Desk truly believes that your success is our success. To this day, Immigration Desk still handles immigration matters for many of the companies we have helped guide over the past decades and most of our new clients are referred to us by clients we have been privileged to help in the past.

Let our decades of experience, our sterling reputation and our dedication to you make the process seamless, the timeline controlled, at costs that are reasonable. Let us make the immigration process smooth for you, even when it is not.

Learn more about Attorney Anu Gupta and the rest of the Immigration Desk team here.

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Our Mission

For our corporate clients - We aim to be the strategic partner for your continued business growth by providing high-quality immigration services through uncompromising commitment and superior ethical standards.

For the many individuals who we represent- We aim to be personally committed to your future by going above and beyond to get you the immigration status you need to make your journey easier.

To succeed at our mission, we take each case personally. We use all of our resources, collective experiences, creative minds, and the client-specific facts in each case to strategize and navigate the immigration system. We are, in other words, facilitators of your ultimate business, professional and/or personal goals through successful immigration. We measure our success by how well we exceed your expectations, each and every time.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple: To help our client businesses and individual clients build the dynamic professional communities for tomorrow, today. We envision a global community coming together locally to achieve great things.

Our vision is to help you create your true global village, where you can hire talent internationally but work locally to create a cohesive global business; and where our individual clients can cross borders seamlessly and efficiently, so they can own businesses and assets worldwide and work and live, with their families, where they choose to be. It is our pleasure to help you get here: One visa at a time.

Since the Industrial Revolution, first transportation, then communication, and now technologies have rapidly shrunk our world. Boundary lines on a map no longer limit businesses or individuals. Businesses are no longer local, but move where human capital, resources and markets are. Individuals move to different countries to accept their dream jobs. We have entered the era of nomads, of living our lives, and of earning our living unbound by geography. Unfortunately, the laws of our land are still playing catch up to this new reality. As your strategic immigration partner, it is our privilege to facilitate your business success by helping you bring in the right international talent to your local office. And by helping our individual clients to move to the country of choice, by helping them get to their destination through work, investment or family immigration.

A necessity to achieving this vision is to create workflows so that businesses can move employees and work cross borders efficiently, at anticipated costs and within expected timelines. And when talented professionals don’t have to think about the hassle of obtaining visas and of having to leave their loved-ones behind, but know they can accept their dream jobs, and move to live in a different country with their families, without being constrained by a country’s immigration laws. We aim to be this strategic alliance for you - One visa at a time.

Our aim is to be your strategic resource in key nations worldwide, so we can present you with a trustworthy partner that can help you move your workforce seamlessly across borders, and for our individual clients to migrate into different parts of the world without constraints.

We have strategically chosen to partner with immigration and corporate attorneys, and with tax accountants in key growth areas of the world where professional business is moving: in the United States; HiTech city in India; in Toronto, Canada; and aim to have offices to support your needs in London, UK; in Shanghai, China; in Adelaide Australia and in Venezuela and South Africa within the next few years.

Let our decades of experience, our sterling reputation and our dedication to you make the process seamless, the timeline controlled, at costs that are reasonable. Let us make the immigration process smooth for you, even when it is not.

Our Promise

We will approach your immigration needs with the respect and seriousness they deserve, leveraging our decades of success to provide a clear path forward. We will provide best-in-class service to you, for each case, every time.

We Care

We believe that we can only create a truly global village if we are a part of our adopted country, but at the same time, retain our individual immigrant identities. Toward this aim, we believe in being active, charitable members of both communities. As a team of attorneys, we routinely work with area organizations to provide pro bono support to immigrants in need, in addition to helping neighbors. Some of the work we do:

  • Provide pro bono advice and service to women’s shelters when there is need of immigration attorneys
  • Provide free legal advice and guidance to parents traveling from overseas to obtain medical treatment for their ill children.
  • Hire special-needs teens from the local high school and our community to help build their self-esteem and teach them usable job skills.
  • Volunteer and donate to several local Autism organizations and events.
  • Drive to drop off food for families during COVID when Newton’s local food bank needed volunteers.
  • Help Goodwill and Red Cross with collecting donations for children, especially around the holiday season.
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We grow the professional workforce in the United States, one immigrant at a time.


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