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Trusted by thousands every year.

Immigration has been our sole focus for over 20 years, and that focus has been rewarded with an unparalleled success rate for our clients. Each case is unique, and we approach each situation with the dedication and passion it deserves. Our clients are talented people focused on impacting the world, and we believe they deserve the same dedication to their cases that they give to their careers and lives.




Our only corporate immigration attorney… excellent track record

Attorney Anu Gupta and the Immigration Desk team has helped our company for the past 12 years for all our immigration matters. She is a professional immigration lawyer with an excellent track record.


There is no hassle or headache. She and the Immigration Desk team handle all the immigration matters for our company with utmost care. They give the highest importance to each individual case. She has made our job much simpler for us. She is also very reasonable and can be (usually) reached round the clock. We are very satisfied with Immigration Desk and we highly recommend Attorney Anu Gupta and the Immigration Desk team for all immigration related matters.

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Bala Palanisamy

A Complex Immigration Situation Solved

Anu is a professional attorney with abundant experience. My situation was a bit tricky and she helped me navigate through the complex situation. She provided useful insights and suggestions that eventually got my green card application approved.
Leifeng Zhou

More Than An Attorney

There are people you meet who leave such a positive impression that you will always remember them. My wife and I truly will never, ever forget Anu Gupta. She is much more than an attorney – she gave legal counsel, yes, but she also provided emotional support, tremendous compassion and words of wisdom while I and my family were dealing with my son's medical condition and subsequent visa issues.


After the hospital mismanaged the extension filing of our visitor visas and failed to notify us, we learned that our status was nearly expired. When we tried to file a motion, it was denied because the deadline had passed. I feared that I would have to return home with my son (who was receiving cancer treatment), and the risk of infection was high. We spoke to several attorneys, but none thought our visa issue could be resolved, and they showed very little sensitivity to our personal situation.

It was completely different with Anu. When I shared our story, I could see tears forming in her eyes. She cared. She was very professional in explaining what needed to be done, and I was impressed immediately. But I was most surprised by her conviction to do the right thing so my son and family could stay in the U.S. for his treatment. And she did what no one else said could be done: She resubmitted our Motion to Reopen, it was accepted and our tourist visas were extended within two months.

When I talked with Anu, I felt like I was talking to my sister – someone who really cared about what I was going through. She has a place in our hearts forever.

**A note from Anu: This client came to the US for cancer treatment for his very young child. When he came to us, the extension of the tourist visa had been denied. Our attorneys worked hard to have the denial overturned so the child could continue to receive life-saving treatment in the US and the child's accompanying family be allowed to stay with the child.

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A.H. (Full name withheld for privacy)

Anu…Meticulous detail, kind heart and empathy… cannot be matched

Anu is the most technical attorney I have ever had the pleasure of working for. So much so, that I moved clear across the country to work for her. In a short period of time, I learned all about Immigration law and policy, and I owe that all to Anu’s intellect. The detail and care that she puts into every business, into every individual is something you don’t see these days.


I still think of Anu as my favorite boss. Not only does she treat everything with the same exact meticulous detail, but she has a great amount of respect, one that cannot be matched. Her kind heart and empathy for businesses and individuals gives her a refreshing passion for her company.

If I needed to recommend anyone to an immigration attorney, without blinking, I would send them to Immigration Desk. There, your case will be managed, triple checked, reviewed and processed. Even with non-ideal circumstances, you can trust her to treat you with sensitivity and discretion.

You can rest assured that Anu will handle your case, will treat you with priority, and will not stop working until you have the best product she can give you.

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Carrie Coleman

She answered them with great knowledge

Anu is a great and knowledgeable person. I went to many lawyers about my case and many didn't take it because it was out of their scope, and those who did want to take my case didn't know how to handle it and it made me anxious because it was time sensitive. ... I met Anu through Avvo and it was a great choice! Everything was on time and she knows immigration laws very well. I asked a lot of questions and she answered them with great knowledge. Highly Recommended.
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C. A. (Name Withheld)

Hiring Anu was one of the best choices I made

Anu successfully addressed my immigration issue during a time when things felt hopeless to me. Her confidence in handling my situation not just made me feel relaxed, but she also provided great insight and helped me to gain valuable knowledge about the immigration system during the process. ...Anu is very approachable, reliable, and she will do everything in her ability to win a case for her clients. Choosing her was one of the best choices I have made. I highly recommend her.
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A. Zhang

O-1 A NOID Answered for my Entrepreneurial Venture

I worked with Immigration Desk - Attorney Anu's office to respond to the O-1 A - NOID (Notice of Intent to Deny) petition for my O-1 visa. I came to her after my previous attorney delayed the RFE response by five months and wasn't committing to submitting my response for NOID within the stipulated timeline.

Attorney Anu took up the challenge and wrote a very persuasive and thorough response within three weeks. I am very impressed with her knowledge of immigration laws and her approach to a very complex issue for my O-1 A NOID.


She always answered calls and responded to emails swiftly, unlike other lawyers in the past I've worked with who will take you for granted once you have signed the service contract. In the past, I've worked with four lawyers recommended by my school - the MIT International Student office. Right from the first call, she was polite and responsive. She took time to explain her approach and was flexible when I asked to take a slightly different approach when my potential employer asked.

Attorney Anu and Ian come with my highest recommendations. I hope to work with her on my green card application and O-1 transfers once this is behind us.

If you have a chance to work with her, please do without any hesitation and know that you are in excellent hands. While most law firms paint a very pessimistic approach to immigration issues, she sets the tone with a very positive and outlook and continues with the same mindset throughout out. Unlike most other law firms I had worked with in the past – Attorney Anu and Ian won't keep you waiting or not answer your emails, or worst take the maximum time they can use as per law to your petition.

I was fortunate to have found her, and I wish I had met her sooner and had not lost a lot of time. Based on my experience with her and Ian, I recommended her to the MIT SF MBA program and MIT International Student offices.

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I really do not have the right words to say other than a true ‘Thank You’

My deepest appreciation for all you did through the years as a wonderful law firm and, more importantly, as the wonderful people you are.

Your commitment to help us on our immigration matter with the added assistance and without your immense help, we could not have achieved our green card. I really do not have the right words to say other than a true 'Thank You'.


Reliable attorney

Reliable attorney for immigration help.

Anu was very responsive and gave me the right advice

Anu was very responsive and gave me the right advice. Highly recommended ...Anu was very responsive and gave me the right advice. Highly recommended
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