Visas to Reunite Your Family


As immigrants ourselves, we understand how hard to be separated from loved ones. Let Immigration Desk help to bring your family to the United States to live with you.

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Helping Families Immigrate

At Immigration Desk, our clients always come first. We never lose site of the fact that you are entrusting your future – and that of your family’s - in our hands. We understand the worry when elderly parents are alone overseas, or when your new spouse faces months of wait before they can join you. Or it could be something completely different that is causing anxiety in your immigrant journey. You can trust us to help, whether it is by guiding you to other options that may be of help, or just helping you make timely decisions that will help decrease the lengthy government processing timeline.

Let us help you make the journey easier. With an unparalleled success rate over 20 years of practice, and thousands of happy clients, our work illustrates our trustworthiness. We are known for making the routine cases easy, and for making the complicated cases routine by identifying problems and solving them before they become larger issues.

Use our decades of experience, and dedication to our clients to position yourself for success, ultimately providing a firm foundation to grow your family in the US.

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Visas Commonly Used By Families

Below is the list of most commonly filed visas to bring family members to the US. Please keep in mind that there may be other visas that you may qualify for, depending on your individual experience, background and family circumstances. Contact us to discuss your case in detail.

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Other Options To Migrate

If you do not qualify for a family-based filing, there may be other pathways for you and your family to live in the US, depending on your individual work experience, background and family circumstances. Explore other options below:


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