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Excellent performance by Immigration Desk – The way they handled my H1-RFE

All thanks and credit goes to Attorney Anu Gupta and the whole Immigration Desk team. With her excellence and best approach, she helped me to resolve my case successfully. My H1-RFE case was unique and with her professional skillsets and knowledge she helped me to get my H1 approved. ...My experience with Ms. Anu Gupta and Immigration Desk was excellent. She’s one of the best attorneys to work with on immigration issues. I highly recommend her professional skills. It is a very positive experience to work with Immigration Desk regarding any immigration issues.
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Sachin Patel

Simply amazing with the help of Immigration Desk

Today I received my green card after 12 years of being in the U.S.

This is the best news our family has received in a long time and without Anu Gupta’s expertise, this would not have been possible. She was simply amazing.


STEMS OPT Approved After RFE

I was 24 hours away from a rejection on my F1-OPT Extension post RFE. I had previously contacted another attorney and I was convinced to send out my RFE response to USCIS.

I had an intuition that something was wrong/incomplete with my RFE response, and I contacted Anu for a quick consultation before I send out my application.


Anu asked the RIGHT questions to make sure I/company had completed all the required steps and also understand the missing pieces in the case within 45 minutes of the call. I then realised I was hours away from being rejected again!

Anu/Sara worked with me on all the missing/incomplete steps and helped me get my F1-OPT extension. I'm now in the US, and I have Anu and her team to thank!

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A. Kodialbail

Put together a very detailed, thorough and highly effective H-1B RFE response.

Ms. Gupta is very professional and she continuously demonstrated strong knowledge of my immigration issues. She took on a very hard RFE I received for my H1B application and put together a very detailed, thorough and highly effective response.


My case was successfully approved. Ms. Gupta demonstrated impressive skills in understanding and finding the relevant information for the particular issues that came up during the RFE response process.

I have done research on over ten immigration lawyers, been in contact with four different immigration lawyer that came “highly recommended” and even worked with two other immigration lawyers in the past.

Ms. Gupta is by far the best lawyer and I will definitely be using her services in the future. Based on the amazing way she handled my particular case; I highly recommend Ms. Gupta for all the immigration services she is offering.

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Mihai Prisacariu

Competent Immigration Lawyer & Legal Mentor

Anu Gupta - For our consulting company, she has been both a competent lawyer and a legal mentor. Even though we work long distance with her, she is easy to contact and always available either by email or by phone.

She takes the time to listen carefully, understand the situation, research thoroughly and then finally gives us advice that is best for our business.


Her professionalism and guidance are a great help to our business. We are glad to use her services and highly recommend her.

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Pooja Srivastava

O-1 Visa: The attorney who will fight for you

Anu Gupta handled my O1A application although multiple attorneys refused my case since I did not have a Ph.D. which is a common education level amongst accepted applications. I was at that time on a J1 research scholar visa as a research assistant (my work title was not helpful for my O application either) and I needed to change my J-1 visa before my status expired.


She was very clear about my chances and what I should expect from the get-go. She told me that regardless of my qualifications/merits I should expect a “request-for-evidence” (RFE) from USCIS. She made sure that there was a rough plan ahead of time in handling such a situation. Her statements were generally measured, and she was always careful during conversations to not give false hopes/promises, which I consider to be a highly valuable trait for any attorney.

Sometimes, even with the best-drawn plans, life has a way of throwing its own curveball to complicate everything. In my case, although we planned on submitting my application much earlier than the J1 status expiration in 2020, the COVID pandemic led to numerous delays in the process. However, we did manage to file before the J1 expiry but as she originally expected, an RFE was issued and in the meanwhile, my J1 expired preventing me from continuing work.

The RFE was, from my perspective, a tough ask. USCIS had rejected all my claims and raised questions on every piece of evidence that we had originally submitted. Anu made sure that we address all of their requests in a comprehensive manner. It should also be mentioned at this point that, that year was an election year (Trump-Biden 2020) and the presidential election was right around the corner. Both my employer and I were happy with the response Anu and her team had prepared and were confident that the application should be approved given its strength and thoroughness in both satisfying the requirements and in addressing the concerns raised by USCIS.

However, USCIS reviewed my application along with an RFE response and rejected my case on the morning after election night through fax at 6:59 AM. I was devastated. What affected me the most was that although my achievements qualified me for an O1A, USCIS refused to recognize it.

I had lost all hope and desire of continuing my work and life in the US. In the first conversation after my rejection with Anu, she spoke to me with passion for how I deserve the O1A and strongly urged me to apply once more. She made sure that didn’t have to leave the country (due to the COVID pandemic returning even with an approved application was very hard).

For me, it was here that Anu Gupta’s greatest quality as both a person and an attorney was highlighted. There are many professional and talented attorneys, which she is, but finding someone who actually cares about their clients and is willing to fight for them with conviction is difficult. Someone willing to fight for you even when going gets tough- even when you lose the strength to continue fighting. In that sense, Anu Gupta is a rare find.

Eventually (approximately a month from the second filing), my second application was approved without difficulty.

The choice of attorney can make or break any case and the choice of Anu Gupta for your immigration needs is one of the easiest recommendations that I can ever make."

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Manoj Kumar K.

Vast Experience in Immigration

I strongly recommend Anu Gupta for immigration representation. I recently finished my process for naturalization, and she was super helpful in getting me through this process. She has vast experience which enables her to understand the intricacies on a case-by-case basis, especially complicated ones, and provide sound advice.


More importantly, she is accessible at short notice and has a patient ear to go through any queries one may have, however trivial they may sound. Also she has a team of assistants who are always available for a call in case of clarifications. Overall, strongly recommended.

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N. Bhat

Flawless Work On My Tough EB1B Green Card

I approached Attorney Anu regarding my EB-1B 140 application after several attorneys rejected and would not agree to handle my application citing low credentials and my not having a strong case for EB-1B outstanding researcher application. I spoke to Anu about the positives and negatives and asked her for her suggestions. After reviewing my case, Attorney Anu gave me comprehensive details of positive and negative


aspects and suggested some changes to my approach. She then guided me on how to bolster my credentials for EB-1B filing.

I trusted her and the guidance she provided to me was outstanding during the entire process. She suggested I wait patiently while she reviewed and addressed the negative aspects of my case and she methodically addressed them one by one.

I was so comfortable with her working style that I decided to hire her for all my future immigration needs irrespective of the outcome of my current case.

Attorney Gupta and her team helped in drafting the recommendation letters, compiling my patents and publications. Attorney Gupta and Attorney Meyer spent a good amount of time on my case, outlining all my qualifications and making sure they met the legal criteria. Even though the Immigration Desk team took a couple of weeks more than I anticipated, they made sure that we got all the proper documentation for filing my EB-1b I-140 application.

I received the case number beginning of second week, followed by approval within the same week. Overall, the process took a little less than 4 months from starting the file to approval.

I highly recommend Attorney Gupta. During this whole time, she showed empathy and worked hard to make sure everything was in order. Attorney Gupta doesn't just work for money, or make false promises. She gives open and honest feedback and even walks clients as to how to improve your case.

I am 100% satisfied with her services and efforts and rate her as one of the most highly skilled and knowledgeable immigration attorneys. I have also recommended her to other professionals in need of immigration services.

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Krishna V.

Helped incorporate and get a H1 through the business

Anu is an extremely knowledgeable Lawyer. I wanted to set up a company while on H1b and she helped me through the process of concurrent H1b. ...She is professional and was able to understand the whole situation and advice accordingly. The whole process took a few months with her guidance and expertise. I strongly recommend her for any immigration issues!
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I thank Anu Gupta and her immigration team for a commendable job- H1 approved after tough RFE

I would like to say thanks for you and your staff for working on my H-1B RFE. My case was really complicated due to gap in employment from one employer to another. ...Attorney Anu Gupta and her staff especially took the time out to analyse the case and communicate in timely manner to USCIS and answer their questions. After Anu Gupta answered the RFE, the USCIS officer approved my H-1B visa with I-94 attached. One more time I thank Anu Gupta and her staff for commendable job in this case and I will use them for my future immigration cases and also recommend it to my friends.
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Anand Rangoli


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