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Trusted by thousands every year.

Immigration has been our sole focus for over 20 years, and that focus has been rewarded with an unparalleled success rate for our clients. Each case is unique, and we approach each situation with the dedication and passion it deserves. Our clients are talented people focused on impacting the world, and we believe they deserve the same dedication to their cases that they give to their careers and lives.




Best immigration attorneys

You guys are the best immigration attorneys that I ever heard of… Thank you!
Kamal Arora

Zealous advocacy led to H-1B case approval

In my case zealous advocacy led to legal status after my transfer H1 issued without a valid I-94. Shortly after my previous employer filed an H1B extension on my behalf, I switched jobs.


My previous employer's H1 was expiring. Ms. Gupta’s office filed my H1B transfer petition. Unknown to us, my previous employer withdrew the previous H1 extension petition. We were horrified to find out two months later that my H1 for the new employer was approved, but the I-94 was not issued.

CIS claimed I was out of status for over six months now (since the previous H1 expired), so now I was not only without a job, but I needed to leave the U.S. immediately and faced the possibility of not being able to reenter the U.S. because of out of status stay. My employer had just paid a lot of money for the visa and really needed me to continue on the project.

Ms. Gupta was relentless in helping me and my employer overcome this very tense situation. She called, emailed and literally hounded the CIS. She also got my new employer to talk to the CIS several times and walked him through what to present to them. We finally got the CIS to approve the case from the date we filed and with a I-94. I did not have to leave the country!

Even greater was my relief to have confirmation that I was not out of status! It was such a huge relief knowing that Ms. Gupta was on my side doing whatever was necessary to solve this very messy situation. I will recommend her to all my friends.

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S.D., Software Engineer, California.

Got a denied 140 turned around and approved with just a letter

My EB-2 I-140 (green card) was denied for ability to pay as I applied as a future employee for a small company. Attorney Anu Gupta filed a Motion to Reopen the case and wrote a detailed letter to the USCIS with all the details of why the case should be approved.


Based on her hard work and legal knowledge, my I-140 was approved. In all this process, she was very helpful and approachable and was always available. She answered all my calls and replied all my emails.

Thank you very much for your kind help.

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Raghu Movva

Employees tell me, “Anu is the right immigration lawyer for me”

Ms. Gupta has partnered with Sierrasonic since we started eight years ago, and has handled all of our immigration cases. As an employer we recommend her highly since we have received approvals on complex cases because of her expertise.


Also, one of the most comforting things about our relationship is Ms. Gupta’s superior customer service. She goes out of her way to explain complex cases and law interpretations in a way that that both my employees and I can understand completely.

She is extremely responsive. I know I can talk to Ms. Gupta at any time of the day, which is great when we encounter challenging immigration situations. She makes my employees feel special, listening to every detail of their unique situations.

I’ve had numerous employees tell me, ‘Anu is the right lawyer for me’.

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R. Kottagiri

Provided great immigration insights while keeping our company’s stakes in mind

Anu is an outstanding attorney to work with on immigration issues. I worked with her for a couple of occasions and she provided valuable, timely help with great immigration insights while keeping our company's stakes in mind. ...I appreciate her work ethic and attention to details. I am happy to recommend Anu and vouch for her expertise.
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Pradeep Kumar

We have been very satisfied with attorney Anu Gupta immigration services

Anu Gupta is detail oriented professional attorney. ...We have been very satisfied with her services in last 12 years.
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Shri Chawla

For our company, Immigration Desk delivered results as promised

Attorney Anu Gupta and Immigration Desk have been great professionals to work with. Attorney Gupta is very meticulous and organized in her thoughts and work. She and her team delivered results for our California professional services company as promised. I highly recommend their services.
Anees Ahmed

Highly recommend Immigration Desk for their conservative approach and knowledge base

Attorney Anu provided her expertise in handling immigration intricacies a few years ago. She was meticulous in covering various aspects of the filing, always responding in timely fashion. ...And most importantly, she gave the complete picture about all the possibilities. I highly recommend Anu Gupta and the team at Immigration Desk for their conservative approach and knowledge base.
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Jayram Déshpandé

The only Immigration Attorney I recommend is Anu Gupta

I own a Human Resources company and work with numerous professional corporations. Attorney Gupta (Immigration Desk) is an excellent Immigration Attorney. I have recommended Ms. Gupta and Immigration Desk to different companies, and they have all been very happy with her services.


What I appreciate about Attorney Gupta is her and her team's responsiveness. They can turn around a work visa (H-1B) and PERM Labor Certification faster than any Immigration Attorney I have ever worked with. In fact, the only Immigration lawfirm I recommend is Immigration Desk.

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Deisy Bach

Trustworthy, experienced, honest attorney for family immigration

My wife and I owe a big thank you to Attorney Anu Gupta, thank you for always helping us and always listening to us patiently.

Anu Gupta was highly recommended to us by one of our friends. We can still remember the first call we made to her because she was very friendly, kind, and attentive. Since then, we have been very happy and fortunate to have worked with Anu.


It was very easy for us to effectively and efficiently communicate with Anu and her staff through emails and phone calls.

She was very professional right from the start. She made sure that any filing of paper-work happened quickly and without issues. We did, at one point, have to provide additional evidence in the form of affidavits, but again Anu provided great advice and helped us every step of the way.

The process for applying for the Green Card to receiving my Permanent Residence Card was smooth and quick. She provided great advice during the interview process and was available for us when we needed her. We never had to go for an interview to get our Permanent Residency as Anu responded the RFE and answered all the questions of USCIS effectively.

We are now looking forward to filing the application for citizenship in a few years from Attorney Anu Gupta and her great team.

So, in short, if you are looking for an Attorney who is professional and experienced, who cares and pays close attention to every little detail of your case, who is trustworthy and who has solutions to every problem of Immigration, who know US immigration in and out and finally who is honest, then you should definitely reach out to Attorney Anu Gupta.

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