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Zealous advocacy led to H-1B case approval

In my case zealous advocacy led to legal status after my transfer H1 issued without a valid I-94. Shortly after my previous employer filed an H1B extension on my behalf, I switched jobs.

My previous employer’s H1 was expiring. Ms. Gupta’s office filed my H1B transfer petition. Unknown to us, my previous employer withdrew the previous H1 extension petition. We were horrified to find out two months later that my H1 for the new employer was approved, but the I-94 was not issued.

CIS claimed I was out of status for over six months now (since the previous H1 expired), so now I was not only without a job, but I needed to leave the U.S. immediately and faced the possibility of not being able to reenter the U.S. because of out of status stay. My employer had just paid a lot of money for the visa and really needed me to continue on the project.

Ms. Gupta was relentless in helping me and my employer overcome this very tense situation. She called, emailed and literally hounded the CIS. She also got my new employer to talk to the CIS several times and walked him through what to present to them. We finally got the CIS to approve the case from the date we filed and with a I-94. I did not have to leave the country!

Even greater was my relief to have confirmation that I was not out of status! It was such a huge relief knowing that Ms. Gupta was on my side doing whatever was necessary to solve this very messy situation. I will recommend her to all my friends.


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