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Attorney Anu Gupta demonstrated strong knowledge of my immigration issues

Thank you very much again for your help. Please see below my recommendation for your services:

Ms. Gupta is very professional and she continuously demonstrated strong knowledge of my immigration issues. She took on a very hard RFE I received for my H1B application and put together a very detailed, thorough and highly effective response.

My case was successfully approved. Ms. Gupta demonstrated impressive skills in understanding and finding the relevant information for the particular issues that came up during the RFE response process.

I have done research on over ten immigration lawyers, been in contact with four different immigration lawyer that came “highly recommended” and even worked with two other immigration lawyers in the past.

Ms. Gupta is by far the best lawyer and I will definitely be using her services in the future. Based on the amazing way she handled my particular case; I highly recommend Ms. Gupta for all the immigration services she is offering.


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