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Attorney Anu… Meticulous detail, kind heart and empathy… cannot be matched

Anu is the most technical attorney I have ever had the pleasure of working for. So much so, that I moved across the country to work for her. In a short period of time, I learned all about Immigration law and policy, and I owe that all to Anu’s intellect.

The detail and care that she puts into every business, into every individual is something you don’t see these days. I still think of Anu as my favorite boss. Not only does she treat everything with the same exact meticulous detail, but she has a great amount of respect, one that cannot be matched. Her kind heart and empathy for businesses and individuals gives her a refreshing passion for her company. If I needed to recommend anyone to an immigration attorney, without blinking, I would send them to Immigration Desk. There, your case will be managed, triple checked, reviewed and processed. Even with non-ideal circumstances, you can trust her to treat you with sensitivity and discretion. You can rest assured that Anu will handle your case, will treat you with priority, and will not stop working until you have the best product she can give you.


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