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I am 100% satisfied with Attorney Gupta’s immigration services

I approached Attorney Anu regarding my EB-1 application after several attorney’s rejected to accept my application citing low credentials and not strong case to file application.

I spoke to Anu about positives and negatives asked her for suggestion. After reviewing my case, she gave comprehensive details of positive and negative and suggest few changes to my approach and guided during entire process.

I trusted her and guidance she provided to me was outstanding during the entire process. She suggested that I wait patiently so she could review and address all the negative aspects of my case one by one. I was so comfortable with her working style that I decided to hire her for all my future immigration needs irrespective of outcome of my current case.

Attorney Gupta helped in drafting the recommendation letters, compiling my patents, publications. She spent good amount of time on my case outlining all the criteria and qualifications to make my case strong.
Even though she took couple of weeks more than I anticipated, she and her team spend the time in getting all the proper documentation for filing my EB-1 I-140 application.

Within 2 weeks of filing, I received case number in the beginning of second week followed by approval within same week. Overall process took approx. less than 4 months to file my case and approval.

I highly recommend her. She showed empathy and worked with me to make sure everything was right. Anu Gupta does not work just for money and does not try to convince you to hire her by giving any wrong promises. She is open and honest about feedback and even guides you as to how to improve your case.

I am 100% satisfied with her services and efforts and rate her one of the immigration attorneys, highly skilled and knowledgeable. I recommend her to other professionals in need of immigration services.


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