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Attorney Gupta – More Than An Attorney

There are people you meet who leave such a positive impression that you will always remember them. My wife and I truly will never, ever forget Anu Gupta. She is much more than an attorney – she gave legal counsel, yes, but she also provided emotional support, tremendous compassion and words of wisdom while I and my family were dealing with my son’s medical condition and subsequent visa issues.

After the hospital mismanaged the extension filing of our visitor visas and failed to notify us, we learned that our status was nearly expired. When we tried to file a motion, it was denied because the deadline had passed. I feared that I would have to return home with my son (who was receiving cancer treatment), and the risk of infection was high. We spoke to several attorneys, but none thought our visa issue could be resolved, and they showed very little sensitivity to our personal situation.

It was completely different with Anu. When I shared our story, I could see tears forming in her eyes. She cared. She was very professional in explaining what needed to be done, and I was impressed immediately. But I was most surprised by her conviction to do the right thing so my son and family could stay in the U.S. for his treatment. And she did what no one else said could be done: She resubmitted our Motion to Reopen, it was accepted and our tourist visas were extended within two months.

When I talked with Anu, I felt like I was talking to my sister – someone who really cared about what I was going through. She has a place in our hearts forever.

**A note from Anu: This client came to the US for cancer treatment for his very young child. When he came to us, the extension of the tourist visa had been denied. Our attorneys worked hard to have the denial overturned so the child could continue to receive life-saving treatment in the US and the child’s accompanying family be allowed to stay with the child.


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