Healthcare H1s Approved: Jumpstarting a Company

Healthcare H1s Approved: Jumpstarting a Company

Immigration Desk successfully secured healthcare H1s approvals for a startup.


The Challenge

Immigration Desk received a call from a very hassled gentleman one day. He had recently started a new health care recruitment company. After spending thousands of dollars on incorporating, visiting the Philippines and setting up an office, the company’s visas for the nurses were denied by the CIS. He was at his wits end when he spoke with a friend who was an HR Consultant who had used our services in the past.

The previous attorney had filed E2 for the nurses, which the U.S. Embassy in Manila had rightly denied. At that time, Manila was not approving E2 for nurses, unless they were coming to work at managerial positions at the company. The previous attorney had charged for the E2, then recommended appealing and wanted to charge for those as well. The client had signed several contracts with clients to deliver the nurses. His newfound company was on the verge of shutting down since he did not have nurses to provide to his client – hospitals.


The Solution

After a lengthy discussion where we reviewed the basic criteria for filing, we asked them to forward several nurse resumes for evaluation. After evaluation, we decided on the candidates they would sponsor for H1 visas. We filed premium processing, using an USCIS memoranda. The visas were approved in less than one week. The nurses were in the U.S. and working in a month.

Client Testimonials

I learned the hard way how important it is to find a high-quality immigration attorney. After my previous counsel nearly destroyed my start-up due to a lack of knowledge with the Philippine consulate, you stepped in and fixed all the problems. I can honestly say that you jump-started my business. You are a life saver.
KH, Partner,
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