IT / Professional Firms

We work with you to realize business growth by helping you bring in and/or retain the best talent from around the world through successful immigration. Partnership and strategic guidance are at the core of what we offer, viewing each employment immigration case within the context of your long term growth strategy. Our global reach and corporate experience across key, forward-thinking industries for companies of all sizes, make us an invaluable asset.

Investors and Multi-Nationals

Successfully gaining a Green Card through the EB-5 program, based on investment, is not a simple process and requires a steady, experienced hand to guide you through. We use our decades of experience, and dedication to making the complex routine, to position you for success, ultimately providing a foundation of continued growth for you, your family, and your investments in the United States.

Researchers & Scientists

As a scientist or researcher, you have dedicated your life to the pursuit of knowledge and success in your chosen field. We have done the same within professional immigration law. Our 99.9% success rate at winning approvals on petitions filed, over decades of practice, attests to our focus and passion for immigration law. We are here to help you in your case now.

Health Care

Our extensive legal experience and ability to bring creative solutions to the table when our clients are in tough situations are the reasons why Immigration Desk has a sterling reputation and one of the highest visa approval rates consistently over the past 15 years. Let us help you.

Family Based

At Immigration Desk, our clients always come first. We never lose site of the fact that you are entrusting your future in our hands. With an unparalleled success rate over decades on petitions filed, we let our work illustrate our trustworthiness in return. We handle routine cases and make complicated cases easy, making every case "routine" by identifying problems and solving them before they become larger issues.

We grow the professional workforce in the United States one worker at a time.

About Us

Redefining U.S. Immigration

Let us make a difference. Immigration is not stressful or the process unending. Instead of chasing deadlines, understand and be ahead of the process. Our customer centric approach and unparalleled dedication to you makes it easy.

We are a boutique law firm consisting of seasoned immigration lawyers and resourceful immigration paralegals, many of whom have MBAs with a deep understanding of business dynamics that complement our services. Located at key locations in the United States and across the world, we offer personalized legal services. You will get to know us as we get to know you and your immigration needs.
Our team believes in immigration. It’s what makes us stronger, more innovative, and more productive. Plus, many of us are immigrants. Thus, we have a foundational understanding of the journey. Our unparalleled immigration experience helps create a unified world one immigrant at a time.

Award-winning. Trusted.

Founded by Anu Gupta, an award-winning and published attorney with 25 years of immigration law experience, Immigration Desk aims to win. With a visa approval rate exceeding 98%, year after year, for over two decades, our immigration attorneys make immigration easy for you. We are focused. We are resourceful. And we always give more than what's expected.

Success means bringing the best workforce to your office, one visa at a time.


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