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Immigration has been our sole focus for over 20 years, and that focus has been rewarded with an unparalleled success rate for our clients. Each case is unique, and we approach each situation with the dedication and passion it deserves. Our clients are talented people focused on impacting the world, and they deserve the same dedication to their cases that they give to their careers and lives.




More Than An Attorney

There are people you meet who leave such a positive impression that you will always remember them. My wife and I truly will never, ever forget Anu Gupta. She is much more than an attorney – she gave legal counsel, yes, but she also provided emotional support, tremendous compassion and words of wisdom while me and my family were dealing with my son's medical condition and subsequent visa issues. ...After the hospital mismanaged the extension filing of our B-visas and failed to notify us, we learned that our status was nearly expired. When we tried to file a motion, it was denied because the deadline had passed. I feared that I would have to return home with my son, and the risk of infection was high. We spoke to several attorneys, but none thought our visa issue could be resolved, and they showed very little sensitivity to our personal situation. It was completely different with Anu. When I shared our story, I could see tears forming in her eyes. She cared. She was very professional in explaining what needed to be done, and I was impressed immediately. But I was most surprised by her conviction to do the right thing so my son and family could stay in the U.S. for his treatment. And she did what no one else said could be done: She resubmitted our Motion to Reopen, it was accepted and our visas were extended within two months. When I talked with Anu, I felt like I was talking to my sister – someone who really cared about what I was going through. She has a place in our hearts forever. --(Name withheld for privacy) **A note from Anu: This client came to the US for cancer treatment for his very young child. When he came to us, the extension of the tourist visa had been denied. Our attorneys worked hard to have the denial overturned so the child could continue to receive life-saving treatment in the US and the child's accompanying family be allowed to stay with the child.
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A Client

Great And Knowledgeable

Anu is a great and knowledgeable person. I went to many lawyers about my case and many didn't take it because it was out of their scope, and those who did want to take my case didn't know how to handle it and it made me anxious because it was time sensitive. I met Anu through Avvo and it was a great choice! ...Everything was on time and she knows immigration laws very well. I asked a lot of questions and she answered them with great knowledge. Highly Recommend. --(Name withheld for privacy)
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A Client

Extremely Talented Immigration Attorney

Anu is an extremely talented Immigration Attorney whom I recently hired to work on my immigration case. She is hard-working dedicated professional who is a person of high integrity. She has always offered the best possible advice to me. She and her team were able to file my petition in a very timely fashion. ...In situations that demand attention, you will find Anu approachable and very comfortable to talk to. On many occasions, I have been able to reach Anu directly and get my questions answered in no time. I would highly recommend Anu to anybody who is looking for an attorney who is trustworthy and reliable. You will not be disappointed! I am glad to have hired her.
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S. Maini

Knowledgeable, Accessible, Diligent

I have worked with Ms. Gupta for my citizenship process and she is a very knowledgeable attorney who is also easily accessible and available to answer questions. She and her team were very diligent about the paperwork and readily available to answer questions via email or phone. She is very supportive and patient in answering ...questions and provides great guidance. I was highly impressed with her response time, guidance and attention to detail.
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M. Shanmugam

Vast Experience

I strongly recommend Anu Gupta for representation. I recently finished my process for naturalization, and she was super helpful in getting me through this process. She has vast experience which enables her to understand the intricacies on a case-by-case basis, especially complicated ones, and provide sound advice. ...More importantly, she is accessible at short notice and has a patient ear to go through any queries one may have, however trivial they may sound. Also she has a team of assistants who are always available for a call in case of clarifications. Overall, strongly recommended.
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N. Bhat

Supportive And Helpful

Thank you very much for being so supportive and helpful in the time of need. We are so fortunate to have you to deal with our case. You worked your best to make us feel assured, made all our concerns addressed and you did all what you promised for.
Dr. Siva Teja Jetty and Sri Rama Krishna Kolli

Excellent Immigration Team

We had an excellent experience working with Anu Gupta and the Immigration Desk staff in getting a family member's Permanent Residence. They were knowledgeable, patient and extremely responsive to our barrage of questions. The whole experience was very smooth, with all paperwork filed in a timely manner. ...My family and I are very pleased and would highly recommend this firm.
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Bela Labowitz

Went Out Of Their Way To Help

This team went out its way to help my mom! ImmigrationDesk represented and helped us to file for our mom's green card. Anu's staff was extremely helpful and meticulous when it came to collecting and organizing all the documents. Her paralegals guided us on what documents were required and reviewed all the information before they filed. ...When USCIS required any documents, the office was very responsive and immediately replied. Anu made herself available when my mom (who is elderly) was going for the visa interview in Mumbai and even provided an after office telephone number when my mother could call if she needed any help- and this was despite the fact that there is a huge time difference! I have not seen such a dedicated attorney before! I will highly recommend Anu when comes to filing for green Card or any immigration related filing.
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Suresh Lokghnadhan

My Favorite Attorney

My husband and I have known Anu for the last 14 years, ever since we moved to the U.S. Upon our recommendation my brother-in law and his friends have used Anu’s services and we know her awesome track record. About a month ago we got a scary notice from USCIS saying they intend to deny our 485 application. ...Due to personal reasons we had been unable to use Anu’s legal expertise then. Upon receiving the letter we reached out to Anu and couple of other well renowned attorney’s in the country. While the other attorney’s blatantly asked us to leave the country, Anu was confident and took our case. In her typical style she researched our case and found no basis for our case to be rejecting. Adding to this our EAD’s were expiring. She was calm and guided us to call USCIS (and what to say) to get our EAD’s and voila my husband’s EAD is approved and we should get it in the mail anytime now. We are positive that our 485 will go thru as well. If you are looking for no-drama, all work immigration attorney Anu is the choice. Off course if you want to waste thousands of dollars and deal with stress there are other attorney’s in the market!!
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Krithika Naren

Distinguished Expert, Tough Case Approved

Ms. Anu Gupta is a distinguished attorney, excellent in her immigration knowledge and expertise as well as the enthusiasm and energy she has to help people . I did not mind that she was all the way in the northeast while I am in the south while I worked with her. The result was positive, quick , easy and efficient, even though my problem ...was challenging and not very common. I contacted many attorneys across the county who could not help. Only Ms Anu Gupta accepted the challenge and knew how to solve the problem without undue risk to my immigration situation. She is very detail oriented, a quick decision maker and responds very quickly to your questions. Immigration processes are tough and tedious. To get the best, I would recommend you to work with Ms. Gupta and not to pay extra money and lose time with other attorney. I very strongly recommend Ms. Gupta as being a distinguished expert in her area.
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