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Immigration has been our sole focus for over 20 years, and that focus has been rewarded with an unparalleled success rate for our clients. Each case is unique, and we approach each situation with the dedication and passion it deserves. Our clients are talented people focused on impacting the world, and they deserve the same dedication to their cases that they give to their careers and lives.




Has Clients’ Best Interest At Heart

Anu found time listening to me to fully understand my issues. Her issue-specific analysis and experience-based advice eased all my stress. She has successfully addressed two time-sensitive cases for me. She is extremely kind at heart and highly competitive in the immigration legal sector. I trust and strongly recommend her.
Dr. Ying Wang

A Team That Understands

I highly recommend Anu. She is a seasoned attorney who understands the nuances of immigration laws very well and uses them to win cases. I have known Anu for almost 18 years. She did my H1s and then my green card. Though she was my company’s attorney, she was always reachable when we had concerns. She also ...took the time to listen and gave us solid, long term advise due to which our immigration processed smoothly, cost effectively and on time.
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Krishnakumar Chockalingam, P.E.

Phenomenal Attorney, Fantastic Person

I ran into a rather peculiar/out of the ordinary case for my visa and I spoke to nearly ten lawyers before I found Ms. Gupta. All they had to say was - it's going to be an indefinite wait. ...I found Ms Gupta on Avvo and decided to speak to her because of her all round 5 star reviews, her high success rate, as well as the fact that I liked her advice on a number of cases posted on Avvo. A far as our case was concerned, Ms. Gupta was the only person who knew HOW to take action on the matter, or even actually tell us that there was actually something we could do. She was very thorough and supportive of my situation from our very first consultation. Her years of experience definitely shines through right as you speak to her. But working with her, I realized that it's not only a matter of experience - she herself is very passionate about the cases she takes on, and is unequivocally an exceptional attorney who works very diligently, and has an unparalleled fund of knowledge. Through the entire process, despite her busy schedule, she took the time out to reply to my e-mails in detail as well as speak to me over phone calls. She saw me right through to the end of my case, and even talked me through my anxiety for the interview. With the support of her documents and her advice, I received my visa without any issues. I very highly recommend working with Ms. Gupta. She is a phenomenal attorney and a fantastic person. And once again, there is a really really good reason why she is rated 5 stars, and she has such a high success rate."""
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Dr. Parama Sahoo Mahajan

Brilliant Work

Attorney Anu Gupta is a very knowledgeable, honest, helpful, approachable and supportive immigration lawyer. She can confidently manage complex immigration issues like what I had. ...I came to the United States on a J1 visa (exchange visitor) and was on it for 6 years. After which I had a work visa until I resigned from a job due to licensing issues. My plan is to get my license back, which apparently would require some time to process. I had my work visa changed to a tourist visa so I can stay in the US legally. But I needed more time to resolve my licensing issues. I then had to apply for a student visa- this idea is per suggestion of a relative. My previous immigration lawyer was not helpful at all in the change of status process. She did not even discuss options for me to lengthen my stay in the US. All she cared about was to charge me of every single minute that I spend talking to her in person or in the phone but nothing relevant was discussed. Then I spoke with another immigration lawyer who basically said that there is no way that the USCIS is going to approve my change of status to student visa. I was losing hope at that time and was on the verge of giving up. I was thinking of just going back to my home country to avoid the stress of dealing with the immigration issues. But then I found Attorney Anu Gupta. It may sound cliché but after talking to her I literally found a light at the end of the tunnel. She was very optimistic on my case. She answered all of my questions and she was very open to my suggestions. We explored all other options and chose the best route. She was the one who even took care of the RFE (request for evidence) for my tourist visa. Her attention to detail is highly commendable. She made sure that no loose ends are hanging on my case. The moment she reviewed my case, she knew exactly what to do. She had a different game plan for me. I was initially dubious with her recommendations and she acknowledged my feelings but she replied “You have to trust me on this. This is what we should do and I know exactly what the USCIS wants to approve your case”. So I adhered with her strategy and recommendation and low and behold, after a few months of waiting, my student visa got approved. I am currently working on getting my license back and I am looking forward to working with Attorney Gupta again to process my work visa.
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Dr. Jay C.

Complex Green Card NIW Case Approved

My wife and I very much appreciate that Ms. Gupta took care of all the routine parts of my green card application. Without her organizational skills my application would take at least twice as much time and effort. Anu is extremely competent to take on a NIW case. Despite the complexity of the process and her busyness, ...she always finds time personally address all the specific details of my case. I also appreciate how much she invests herself into our case and how she helped me to stay on schedule and kept me informed about every step of this complicated and convoluted process. My green card petition has been approved recently.
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Alexey Miroshnikov

Will Fight For You

Anu Gupta handled my O1A application although multiple attorneys refused my case due to not having a Ph.D. (a common education level amongst accepted applications) even when my achievements satisfied the category requirements. I was at that time on a J1 research scholar visa as a research assistant (my work title was not helpful for my O application either) ...and wanted to change my visa before my status expired. She was very clear about my chances and what I should expect from the get-go. She told me that regardless of my qualifications/merits I should expect a “request-for-evidence” (RFE) from USCIS and made sure that there was a rough plan ahead of time in handling such a situation. Her statements were generally measured, and she was always careful during conversations to not give false hopes/promises, which I consider to be a highly valuable trait for any attorney. Sometimes, even with the best-drawn plans, life has a way of throwing its own curveball to complicate everything. In my case, although we planned on submitting my application much earlier than the J1 status expiration in 2020, the COVID pandemic led to numerous delays in the process. However, we did manage to file before the J1 expiry but as she originally expected, an RFE was issued and in the meanwhile, my J1 expired preventing me from continuing work. The RFE was, from my perspective, a tough ask. USCIS had rejected all my claims and raised questions on every piece of evidence that we had originally submitted. Anu made sure that we address all of their requests in a comprehensive manner. It should also be mentioned at this point that, that year was an election year (Trump-Biden 2020) and the presidential election was right around the corner. Both my employer and I were happy with the response Anu and her team had prepared and were confident that the application should be approved given its strength and thoroughness in both satisfying the requirements and in addressing the concerns raised by USCIS. However, USCIS reviewed my application along with an RFE response and rejected my case on the morning after election night through fax at 6:59 AM. I was devastated. What affected me the most was that although my achievements qualified me for an O1A, USCIS refused to recognize it. I had lost all hope and desire of continuing my work and life in the US. In the first conversation after my rejection with Anu, she spoke to me with passion for how I deserve the O1A and strongly urged me to apply once more. She made sure that didn’t have to leave the country (due to the COVID pandemic returning even with an approved application was very hard). Since I was without pay, she even went pro_x0002_bono (waived her fees) for a new application. For me, it was here that Anu Gupta’s greatest quality as both a person and an attorney was highlighted. There are many professional and talented attorneys, which she is, but finding someone who actually cares about their clients and is willing to fight for them with conviction is difficult. Someone willing to fight for you even when going gets tough- even when you lose the strength to continue fighting. In that sense, Anu Gupta is a rare find. Eventually (approximately a month from the second filing), my second application was approved without difficulty. The choice of attorney can make or break any case and the choice of Anu Gupta for your immigration needs is one of the easiest recommendations that I can ever make.
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Manoj Kumar Kanakasabapathy

Excellent Immigration Lawfirm

I highly recommend working with Anu on U.S. immigration issues. Anu has done a great job for me on a number of my applications. Especially, Anu has done an excellent job with my Outstanding Researcher petition which was successfully approved after her intelligent judgments on how to prepare my case and in responding to the RFE. ...She has guided me throughout this petition process. She has helped me in choosing the experts/scientists for recommendation, helping in preparation of these letters, and suitably highlighting my research background that has resulted in getting approval of my petition. She and her staff at Immigration Desk Inc were very patient and available most of the time I needed them, with and without appointments. She has done my other petitions successfully as well such as H1B approval and EB-2 PERM and I-140 approvals. I am really happy to recommend Anu for EB-1 and EB-2 petitions.
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Sudhakar Mahalingam

Flawless Work On My Tough EB1B

I approached Attorney Anu regarding my EB-1B I-140 application after several attorney's rejected to accept my application citing low credentials and not strong case to file application. I spoke to Anu about positives and negatives asked her for suggestion. After reviewing my case, She gave comprehensive details of positive and negative ...and suggest few changes to my approach and guided during entire process. I trusted her and guidance she provided to me was outstanding during the entire process and suggested to wait patiently so that she can review and address negative aspects of case and addressing them one by one. I am very comfortable with her working style that I decided to Hire her for all my future immigration needs irrespective of outcome of my current case. She helped in drafting the recommendation letters, compiling my patents, publications. She spent good amount of time on my case outlining all the criteria and qualifications to make my case strong. Even though she took couple of weeks more than I anticipated, she made it clear to get all proper documentation for filing my EB-1b I-140 application. Within 2 weeks of filing, I received case number beginning of second week followed by approval within same week. Overall process took approx. less than 4 months to file my case and approval. I highly recommend her and she show empathy and work with clients to make sure everything is right. She doesn't work just for money or convince you with any wrong promises. She is open and honest about feedback and even guide how to improve your case. I am 100% satisfied with her services and efforts and rate her one of the immigration attorney with highly skilled and knowledge. I recommend her to other professionals in need of immigration services.
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Krishna V.

Fantastic Service!

EB1A filed and approved in 3 months! I found Anu Gupta after an exhaustive research online, her reviews stood out to me as they all had a common theme that she take pays great attention to details and maps out the winning path. I filed EB1 in Aug 2021 and got i140 approval in early nov 2021 which included an RFE response. ...She is absolutely terrific and has an individualistic approach, that’s how she made it happen. She is truly an expert and works for you for the most positive outcome, great attention to details, she builds the case from every piece of evidence that can be possibly used and her conviction shows. She is available to discuss the details and for planning at each step. She is the attorney you need on your side for your immigration to be a smooth sail.
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Dr. Preeti Singh

We Are Greened!

Many thanks to Anu Gupta and her team, who managed my immigration cases with 100% success. She had filed many USCIS applications for us like L-1A extension, L-2 Extension, EAD renewals,I-140, I-485, I-131 etc. Anu filed my I-140 application and got it approved without RFE in 8 months. And when the flood gates were open by USCIS, ...Anu then filed our I-485 application. I really appreciate her commitment and filing all our applications on time. Anu is meticulous with paper work and her staff, are always there to assist us. We went ahead with Anu's advice all the time like filing with medicals, and it paid off. In 7 months, we all got our green card approval without any RFE and interview. In a nutshell, Anu Gupta's law firm is committed to their clients, timelines and always deliver what is expected!
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Ankit Jain/Cassiopae

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