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Immigration has been our sole focus for over 20 years, and that focus has been rewarded with an unparalleled 98% success rate for our clients. Each case is unique, and we approach each situation with the dedication and passion it deserves. Our clients are talented people focused on impacting the world, and they deserve the same dedication to their cases that they give to their careers and lives.



I was confident that I will get my case approved

Ms. Gupta was hired to respond to an RFE issued on my H1B application. She only had around three weeks to prepare a response. My case, which was not filed under premium processing, was approved within 15 business days. ...A testimony in itself on the quality of the RFE response. She is aggressive, smart and hardworking in addition to employing a friendly staff. To summarize, I was confident that I will get my case approved when I reviewed the response, and it was approved. FYI - I work for a consulting company, which places candidates at client locations.
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Ammad Ahmed

It felt good to know that we were in good hands

We had the most difficult case possible as it was so complex in nature, and I am so glad Ms.Gupta was recommended to me. I was told she was the best, and indeed she is. We followed Anu's advice through our process, and she was by our side through it all. Ms.Gupta was always available to talk and assure us. I believe she gave us the best advice possible. I was personally denied at first, but when Ms.Gupta intervened, a miracle happened. When Ms.Gupta tells you that you are her client and she would make sure that you'd win your case, she really means it. Our difficult case and win is a testimony of her services, as I believe it is the best out there. ...I was told by another lawyer that our case was difficult, and it's not certain that we'd succeed. However, Anu had a confident and different approach. She refused for our appointment to be postponed, and took action and matters into her own hands the same day! Ms.Gupta's promise was delivered as she assured us that we would not lose. I refrain from sharing the details of our case, yet I can assure anyone that no lawyer would match her dedication, compassion and loyalty to her clients. She is known for ability to take on difficult cases and win them, that's why Ms.Gupta was recommended to us. Oddly enough her fees are equivalent to the lawyer who thought we wouldn't win our case, and suggested taking a different tedious approach. Ms.Gupta is more than a consultant and lawyer; she mentored us every step of the way. Ms.Gupta is competent and more than qualified. She's very direct, sharp and very professional in her method. She is familiar will all the aspects surrounding immigration, and is one of the most knowledgable and experienced legal representatives available. Anu never failed to communicate all the possible scenarios to us, and how to approach each one of them. She coached and prepared us for all the possible outcomes regarding our case. Ms.Gupta is accurate and was very well prepared to meet our unexpected challenges that arose. She was there for us in a difficult time and place. I will never forget what she did for us. Anu's staff is wonderful, caring and prompt too. We were very lucky and blessed to have found her and hired her as our lawyer. Ms.Gupta is an award winning lawyer, and based on our experience with her, I could see why she earned such honors. Anu is very recognized in her field. We felt more secure and safe in our process as her reputation precedes her. It felt good to know that we were in good hands, and have a lawyer with a strong reputation. Ms.Gupta told us after we were approved, ""didn't I tell you so?"". And yes, everything she told us did happen and she kept her word.
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So happy to work with Anu

Anu is an extremely talented immigration attorney. She is very helpful and easy approachable. My h1 was twice applied by Anu. ...The first h1 was a cake walk process and got approved quickly. But for the recent H1B Extension, We got an RFE. But she worked brilliantly and crafted the response and the H1 was approved. So happy to work with Anu and I highly recommend Anu Gupta.
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Nithya Subramanian

I would definitely recommend her to everyone

It was an excellent experience to get a counselling with Ms Anu Gupta. ...It was an excellent experience to get a counselling with Ms Anu Gupta. She listens to all the queries very thoroughly and provides the best legal advice for immigration matters. I would definitely recommend her to everyone.
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Daksh Bhatt

Anu Gupta law firm delivers

First and foremost , many thanks to Anu Gupta for making life easy with filing my AOS. In less than a year of filling I got my green card. Anu is meticulous with paper work and her staff are always there to assist at all times. ...Even the immigration officer had to repeat her name with approval facial expression and it shows that name carries power and might in Massachusetts. In summary, Anu Gupta law firm delivers and I am happy to write this review because I also had to read reviews before I took the step and I took one year ago and thank God it paid off.
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Godwin & Vicki Oja

She is a phenomenal attorney and a fantastic person

I ran into a rather peculiar/out of the ordinary case for my visa and I spoke to nearly ten lawyers before I found Ms. Gupta. All they had to say was - it's going to be an indefinite wait. I found Ms Gupta on Avvo and decided to speak to her because of her all round 5 star reviews, her high success rate, as well as the fact that I liked her advice on a number of cases posted on Avvo. A far as our case was concerned, Ms. Gupta was the only person who knew HOW to take action on the matter, or even actually tell us that there was actually something we could do. ...She was very thorough and supportive of my situation from our very first consultation. Her years of experience definitely shines through right as you speak to her. But working with her, I realized that it's not only a matter of experience - she herself is very passionate about the cases she takes on, and is unequivocally an exceptional attorney who works very diligently, and has an unparalleled fund of knowledge. Through the entire process, despite her busy schedule, she took the time out to reply to my e-mails in detail as well as speak to me over phone calls. She saw me right through to the end of my case, and even talked me through my anxiety for the interview. With the support of her documents and her advice, I received my visa without any issues. I very highly recommend working with Ms. Gupta. She is a phenomenal attorney and a fantastic person. And once again, there is a really really good reason why she is rated 5 stars, and she has such a high success rate.
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Dr. Parama Sahoo Mahajan

I would recommend this firm to anyone needing

Thank you!!! I can’t find words to say thanks enough for all the help and support we got from Anu Gupta to get my I-140 approval. You were honest, compassionate, thorough, and very knowledgeable. ...I believe that Anu Gupta did an exceptionally good job in putting together a comprehensive package of application forms with many supporting documents. It is because of her thoroughness and insight into the whole process that everything has gone so smoothly with the immigration authorities. You're a great communicator, and always kept us up to date on the status. Somehow you managed to keep a positive outlook throughout, and never got discouraged in facing adversity and overcoming obstacles. I would recommend this firm to anyone needing help or advice with their immigration process.
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Bhupinder Walia

Highly recommended, professional and effective!

Anu Gupta and her team members are outstanding. I got my H1-B visa approved in lottery. I have received a fabulous support and guidance throughout my entire H1-B process. Throughout the course of our consultations, I came to know Anu as an extremely knowledgeable and experienced attorney. ...Her approach was very realistic. Anu tells the bigger picture, before focusing on the specifics. This gave me and my employer a sound understanding of the whole process. My employer and I gained trust and confidence in Anu's ability to pursue my case. I also appreciate their office for being approachable, extremely professional and pushing relentlessly for the success. Personally, I do not feel my case could have been in better hands. Highly recommended, professional and effective!
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I highly recommend Anu and her team for any immigration fix

I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much we appreciate the effort you and your team put in on our cases. ...We have worked with you and your team few times now and you have been supportive, proactive and incredible. I highly recommend Anu and her team for any immigration fix.
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Krishna at Dataserv

I look forward to working with her in the future

Anu is one of the best lawyers I have worked with in the past 6 years of being in USA. She is extremely approachable, listens patiently and answers any number of questions you might have. ...Good lawyers are expensive and so is she but then she is worth every dime spent just for the way she gets things done. I look forward to working with her in the future.
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Bharath Suryakanthan

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