Sponsoring Family Members

Family-sponsored immigration visas are the most emotionally charged of all immigration visas. We all, including many of us at Immigration Desk, have loved ones we want to come to the United States. Whether the reunion is on a temporary or permanent basis, we use our resources strategically and efficiently to bring families together.

Secured an I-130: Birth Certificate Was Initially Considered Insufficient

The USCIS requires birth certificates to prove a parent-child relationship for family-based immigration visas. The USCIS places more value on a birth certificate registered at the time of birth as opposed to birth certificates registered after birth.

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Secured an I-130/485 for an Elderly Mother

The challenges in this case were the Beneficiary’s age as much as it was the requirements and rules of family-based immigration. The elderly mother, the beneficiary, whose remaining family was in the United States, wanted to remain in the United States rather than return to India during the coronavirus pandemic.

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