Employment & Self-Sponsored Immigration

Employment and self-sponsored immigration visas are the most complex of all immigration visas to the United States. Employers or petitioners can face any number of challenges related to the job itself, qualifications, and much more. We take a pragmatic yet aggressive approach to identify and anticipate any issue. We then develop a strategy aimed at solutions.

Obtained a Hassle-Free Adjustment of Status/Green Card Approval

The USCIS requires an I-485 Supplement J to confirm an offer of permanent employment for an employment-based adjustment applicant. This form applies to workers who either want to (1) maintain their current position; or (2) start a new....

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Secured an O-1A: Original Petition was Denied

As part of the qualifying criteria for an O-1A visa for extraordinary ability in science, the Beneficiary may show that their designs or developments are original, are currently in use by other institutions, and are of major significance in the field of science.

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H1B for a Client Whose Education Was Deemed Unnecessary

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PERM Labor Certification

The challenge here is not specific to the USCIS but to employers who fail to adhere to immigration laws and, as such, fail to obtain the type of employees they need to fulfill specific positions. There are many rules and regulations to follow or else risk disqualification. This specific client wanted to fulfill a position, but even before the ad was placed, errors were already made. This client needed guidance throughout the process.

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Securing an H1B Visa for a Nontraditional Visa Sponsor

The employer seeking to sponsor an H1B visa was nontraditional and had never previously sponsored a visa. Further, the position offered by the employer had been newly created and without a predecessor. The prospective visa-holder....

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