Employment & Self-Sponsored Immigration

Employment and self-sponsored immigration visas are the most complex of all immigration visas to the United States. Employers or petitioners can face any number of challenges related to the job itself, qualifications, and much more. We take a pragmatic yet aggressive approach to identify and anticipate any issue. We then develop a strategy aimed at solutions.

Healthcare H1s Approved: Jumpstarting a Company

After spending thousands of dollars on incorporating, visiting the Philippines and setting up an office, the company’s visas for the nurses were denied by the CIS. He was at his wits end when he spoke with a friend who was an....

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I-140 for EB2 Upgrade: Single Employee of Small Company

CIS did not believe that the company could pay the employee’s wages. Our office filed a green card under the EB2 category for a single employee of a technology company. The company has been in business for over a decade.

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Secured an H1-B: Degree Did Not Align with Typical Degrees

There were three specific challenges for this H1B case. The USCIS sent a Request for Evidence (RFE) requesting very specific information to address each of these concerns.

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Secured an EB1-C I-140 for a Multinational Manager

To qualify for an EB1-C visa, the beneficiary must show that they worked in a managerial or executive capacity for at least one year within the three-year period preceding entrance into the United States on a non-immigrant visa....

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Secured an H1B for a Nontraditional Visa Sponsor

The employer seeking to sponsor an H1B visa was nontraditional and had never previously sponsored a visa. Further, the position offered by the employer had been newly created and without a predecessor. The prospective....

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Secured an H1B: Lawful Immigration Status Was in Question

Sometimes, the USCIS questions third-party placement arrangements for H1B visa applicants. Our client was seeking a visa during the Trump Administration. The USCIS under the Trump Administration interpreted legal standards....

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